Beckham jersey ignites a feud between 2 boys in Hawaii

It started with a beneficiant gesture by David Beckham, Who paid his game used soccer jersey to two young boys after a game at Aloha Stadium.

Now a squabble over the sweaty souvenir has devolved into a nasty fight with threats of legal action that has left the gm of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team in „Utter shock,

Then a shirtless Beckham acknowledged the boys Feb. 20, After the Galaxy’s exhibition loss to Japan’s Gamba Osaka in the Pan Pacific champion, And reached over a sign in reference to his right hand Cheap Soccer Jerseys, Replica Soccer Jerseys High Quality
and gave away his white jersey.

Eric and Yoshika Kerr said it was their 10 year old son that held a sign all game and ultimately lured Beckham over. our own jersey, they mentioned, Was meant for their son because the soccer star pointed to him.

Wilfred and Yoshika Ho said their 9 year old son had possession first and that law enforcement stepped in during Cheap Jerseys,Wholesale Football Jerseys Authentic
a scrum for the jersey and resolved the issue by handing it to their son.

„My son got their shirt, Their kid started Cheap Jerseys China
hunting to pry it away, expressed Wilfred Ho, Who considers a front page photo in Thursday’s edition of The Honolulu Advertiser proof.

The photo shows Ho’s son in an emotional tug of war with two other youngsters. The Kerr boy is name behind Ho’s son, continuing to keep a sign, Not active in the tussle.

The Kerrs told the Advertiser they never wanted sole thing of the jersey but wanted to share. They even suggested a joint custody deal where through rotate possession.

„(Beckham) pointed out that he wanted our son to have it. make a plan explain this to a 10 year old, Eric Kerr alleged. „It’s been actually hard on him. Why not let your offspring share? He’s such a big star and it’s one heck of an event for the boys. We just want (the Hos) to keep their end of the bargain,

Wilfred Ho thought „We tried to clarify we were the owner and they proceeded to get upset so we never let them borrow it,

on a April 10, The Hos were given a letter from the Kerrs‘ attorney, proclaiming the return of the Beckham jersey or possible legal action. The Hos‘ attorney answered in a letter last week, proclaiming that the Hos are the rightful owners.

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